(Effective June,2016)


This card holder agreement sets forth the terms of your non-reloadble prepaid card.Please read it carefully and retain it for your record.if you don’t agree to these term,
do not use the card and cancle it by calling customer service at 1-877-287-2448.otherwise,your acceptance and/or use of the card will be evidence of the agreement to these terms.
Definitions. In this agreement, the words of you and your means the cardholder.”Bank”,”we,”us”and “our” means caches vally bank, the issuer of the card,or anyone to whom we assign our rights.”card” means the network branded card that is issued to you.
Identification. to helf the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundring activities. federal low require us to obtain, verify and record information that identifies who obtain the card.when you requist or agree to receive the card,you authorize the party giving you the card to provide us with your name, address,date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you.we may also ask you see your’s driver license or other identifing documents and may use resources such as creadit burea us or other means to identity information.
Using your card. your card is active right now and can immediately be used to access available funds that have been loaded to the card. you do not need call us to activate the card.if you find your card is not active,please visit the url on the back of your card to activate may use ur card purchase and services anywhere mastercard and debit card accepted and to access cash at ATM offinancial instructions displaying the mastercard,pluse, or maestro name or/and log.Each time the card is used to purchase goods or services or to withdrow cash at ATM’s,authorize us to charge amount(and any applicable fees) against your card your card available may not give or transfer your card to another person for their use.
You will be required to input your personal identification number(PIN) in order to access cash at ATM’s and to perchase to goods and services at same point-of sale(POS) terminal. Please refer to the activation lable on your card for your temparary PIN number. you should promptly change your temporary PIN by colling customer service at aggree not disclose PIN to others.
ATM RECEIPTS. you can get receipt at the time you make any withdrawal with your card using one of our ATMs.
Balance and transaction information. you can obtain information about the current available balance in your card and description of recent transactions by calling customer service at at 1-877-287-2448.or visit the url on the back of your card
Limitation. subject to your available balance,you may use your card to make withdrawals at ATM’s and purchase goods and services up to the aggregate amount of $3,500 per may not conduct more that five ATM’s or twenty purchase transaction on any single day.For security reasons,there may be times when we further limit these amounts.You may not use your Card for any unlawful purpose or to conduct internet gambling transactions. The maximun amount that can be loded to the Card is $9700. Interest will not be paid to you for any amount loded on tht card. The card is not reloded. This means that you cannot add amounts to the card balance after it is issued. There is no credit card, credit line, overdraft protection, or deposit account associated with yoyur card. Your card is not transeferable and may only be used by you
FDIC Insurance. The money credit to your Card will be held in a custodial account at the Bank. Funds in the custodial account are insured by FDIC to its maximum limits.
Unclaimed Property. We may transfer (escheat) your card balance to the appropriate state if no activity occurs in the Card and you fail to communicate with us regarding your Card within the time period specified by state law. If Funds are transferred to the state, you may file a cliam with the state to recover the funds.
Cancellation and Suspension. We may cancel or suspend Card privileges without cause or prior notice, except as otherwise required by law. We may refuse to process any transaction that we belice may violate the term of this Agreement or may be unauthorized. You may cancel your by calling.

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